Best Places to Eat Lobster in San Diego

November 10, 2016Blog

As the latest & greatest culinary trends come into full swing, we can’t help but look at another that is slowly on the rise; LOBSTER. These ocean-bottom-dwelling critters are starting to gain a lot of popularity on menus not only as a solo item (i.e. lobster tail) but almost combined with menu favorites such as the ones featured below. So, if you’re tired of picking through poke bowls and slurping down ramen noodles, then savor these next few pictures and add these restaurants to your list of San Diego’s Best Places for Lobster!

Grater Grilled Cheese – Lobster Grilled Cheese

A former stop on our Pacific Beach walking food tour, Grater Grilled Cheese now boasts two locations in La Jolla and the newly opened Mission Valley. With an “funky, unique” approach to grilled cheese you’re naturally drawn to the many flavor combinations and toppings that each of their sandwiches include. The Grater Grilled Cheese menu also features items like a vegetarian grilled cheese, soup & salad, and a ton of add-ons if you’re feeling adventurous. Featured above is their signature ‘Puerto Nuevo Style Lobster’ grilled cheese. The sandwich includes the Grater 5-cheese blend, fried lobster, snow crab and their signature Sierra Nevada pale ale chipotle aoli.

The Fish Shop – Lobster Lumpia

If you aren’t familiar with Lumpia, it’s an appetizer most commonly found in Indonesia and the Philippines similar to a spring role. These traditionally savory snacks include a mixture of vegetable and meat fillings which are deep fried to perfection. As Darlene Horn from Zagat San Diego explains, “the sweet potato compliments the succulent lobster especially when dipped into the sesame sweet chili sauce and the crispy skin provides a satisfying crunch.” Good news for you is, you can grab a bite of Lobster Lumpia at their Pacific Beach Fish Shop location, Encinitas Fish Shop location off Highway 101 as well as their Huntington Beach location.

SD TapRoom – Lobster Mac and Cheese

Source: Yelp

Source: Yelp

Another former stop on thePacific Beach Bite San Diego walking tour, SD TapRoom is one of Pacific Beach’s best dining outposts for delicious food, good drinks, and a welcoming atmosphere. Nestled in the center of Garnet Ave, TapRoom has over 50 beers on tap plus 100+ local bottled beers to pair alongside their expansive menu of options that are far from your average “bar food.” Their take on Lobster Mac & Cheese (pictured above) is topped with sautéed lobster, chopped tomatoes, brandy cream sauce, and cheese (of course!) with bread crumbs. We couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy Sunday football than with and your favorite local brewery and a plate of Lobster Mac!

El Zarape – Lobster Taco

One can’t simply mention lobster in San Diego without including every San Diegans’ favorite food group: tacos! These lobster tacos are from one of San Diego’s most iconic, authentic Mexican food joints, El Zarape, and are a staple menu item for locals and visitors alike. Some might question why these tacos are ranked #2 on Yelp’s list of Best Lobster Tacos in San Diego when nearly 25% of their Yelp reviews include the word “lobster.”

Lobster West – Lobster Roll & Lobster Bisque


Now a featured stop on both our ENCINITAS and CORONADO walking food tours, Lobster West is beginning to make a name for themselves across the San Diego coast. And rightfully so, when you consider they source their lobster fresh, daily from Maine! Not to mention each lobster caught & brought to the left coast is 100% certified and sustainable. Each lobster roll is prepared to perfection from the meat and toppings to the artisan bun it’s served in. All lobster rolls are made to order and include A TON of meat as you can see above. Similar goes for their Lobster Bisque which also includes the same, slightly smaller pieces of lobster meat, pureed into a light cream with a hint of Sherry.

There’s a ton more lobster options to choose from throughout San Diego, but we can definitely agree a few of these are by far our favorites.

Happy Chomping, Fellow Foodie!


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