Restaurant Spotlight: Roast Meat & Sandwich Shop

December 19, 2018Blog, Spotlight Review

Our newest addition to our Downtown Walking Tour is no stranger to the San Diego food scene. Since 2013 Roast Meat & Sandwich Shop has become a San Diego staple, gracing Liberty Public Market and now Little Italy with its fresh meats and on-the-go sandwiches. You could call Roast a meat and sandwich shop, but in reality, Roast is so much more. Roast is fast delicious food made with exceptional care and quality. Roast is one of the last meat shops where meat carving is an art, not just a task. Roast is a restaurant that cares about the environment and your busy schedule. Yes, Roast is a meat and sandwich shop, but it’s unique attention to detail, product quality, and customer care is what really sets it apart.

roast butcher san diego sanwich shop meat little italy downtown liberty public market porchetta

Photo Source: Roast Meat & Sandwich Shop


If Roast is known for anything it’s their Porchetta Sandwich. Porchetta dates all the way back to the Roman Empire, and once you taste it you’ll understand why it’s still being raved about today. Porchetta is a classic Italian dish, often being served Taco Truck style on the streets of Italy. This meat is made by wrapping pork belly around a loin, rolling it in herbs and spices, and roasting it until the skin is caramelized and crunchy. The porchetta is then served on freshly baked french bread with provolone, broccolini and salsa verde. Because of it’s moist and fatty texture, but rare availability, many flock to Roast just for a taste of their porchetta. A trip to Roast without the porchetta sandwich is hardly a trip at all.

At Roast you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body and how it’s affecting the world around you. Roast cares deeply about their meat and the impact it has on the environment. This is why all of their meat is antibiotic and hormone free and all packaging, utensils, and containers are 100% compostable. Roast also works to ensure minimal food waste at the end of the day. As consumers begin to care about the environmental and the biological impacts of their food, Roast is ahead of the pack with solutions to problems most restaurants are only starting to address.

roast butcher san diego sanwich shop meat little italy downtown liberty public market meatball

Photo Source: Roast Meat & Sandwich Shop


Porchetta isn’t the only Italian influence at Roast. Roasted, braised, and soaked in Arrabbiata red sauce – Roast’s Meatballs should not be ignored. Light and fluffy but still filling enough for a full meal, the meatballs are rolled by hand at Roast. The meatballs are made with the perfect amount of pressure (to avoid overworking the meat) and a mixture of bread, egg, Grana Padano cheese, and herbs. Get your meatball fix in a salad, sandwich, or on their own.

roast butcher san diego sanwich shop meat little italy downtown liberty public market salad

Photo Source: Roast Meat & Sandwich Shop


Unlike most meat-centric restaurants, Roast has multiple options for vegetarians and vegans. Those with dietary restrictions will enjoy their Super Food Salads and DIY Bowls. Both can be created exactly how you’d like with little to no animal products involved. The bowls also have minimal gluten for those with mild gluten intolerances. All salad ingredients are fresh, prepared in-store, free of trans fats, and processing.

roast butcher san diego sanwich shop meat little italy downtown liberty public market chicken

Photo Source: Roast Meat & Sandwich Shop


We’d be remiss to not mention the Lemon Rosemary Chicken, another fan favorite at Roast. For just $13 you can order an entire rotisserie chicken, bursting with lemon and rosemary flavor and crispy skin. The crispy skin acts as insulation to keep the meat inside juicy each bite. If an entire chicken is more than you need (Hey, we won’t tell anybody) you can also order 1/2 a chicken or 1/4 a chicken for a fraction of the cost. Grab a side with your order to complete the meal. We love the Roasted Mixed VegetablesLemon Kokuho Rice, and Braised Cannellini Beans.

Like all meals, Roast is better enjoyed with the ones you love. Take the stress out of your holiday season by catering any of Roasts amazing courses to your home or for pickup. Roast has an entire catering menu with additional meals you can’t get in-store. Contact Maryanne to plan your Holiday parties, dinners, and New Years festivities!

Catch Roast every Friday and Saturday at 12 pm on our Downtown Walking Food Tour!


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