What is your go-to pizza?

Do you enjoy that nice, thin slice from New York? How about that deep-dish cheese overload from Chicago? Do you call it Pizza? Za? A wheel? Pie? Whatever you call it, you know that pizza is a crowd FAVORITE! It’s good for parties, the holidays, enjoying a night with friends while having a few beers and watching some football or just a slice for lunch. No matter where you go in San Diego, there is Pizza, but which ones are worth the wait?

We came up with a list of the TOP 5 pizza joints in San Diego (no particular order) that you NEED to try, if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to join us on a Bite tour and check out a few of these places with us.

5. Berkeley Pizza

If you have never got the chance to try “Chicago-style pizza”, this is your calling. Berkeley Pizza features a deep-dish style pizza. As some people might say, it looks like it was made “inside out”.

The sauce is located on top while the inside is oozing with cheese. With over 15 different toppings to choose from, Berkeley pizza is rolling with flavor. Their “Signature Pizza”, is one of the restaurant’s favorites. It includes spinach and mushroom, made from a special blend of cheeses, and special spices. Let me tell you, this pizza is absolutely delicious. The best part about Berkeley pizza is they have TWO locations, which are both located on our tour: One in North Park and one in Downtown San Diego. Go enjoy their slice combo specials and don’t forget to check out all of the different craft beers they have on tap!

Image Source: Yelp by Dan G.


4. The SandBox Pizza

The SandBox is known for making their own creations for pizza. With over 15 different toppings, load that pizza up to your liking, and dig in! The Sandbox says they love tradition but want to include a flare to make the food “dance on your plate”. They have featured “pies” each month and ideas are open to the public.Kick back here with over 10 flat screen TV’s and enjoy anything from a pesto pizza to their “Hawaii 5-0” filled with ham, pineapple and bacon. The Sandbox Pizza is located on our Pacific Beach tour. The SandBox, itself is a great place to be to enjoy local entertainment, pizza and drinks with friends. They were voted “Pizza of the month” in January of 2015 and that is only one of the many awards this restaurant has received for their pizzas.


Image Source: Yelp by Leah J.


3. NaPizza

Located on our downtown tour, Napizza is the place to be for that healthy slice of gourmet pizza. NaPizza believes in “healthy and local”, serving up great pizza for those of you who want to keep the extra calories off. The pizza’s here can, also, be created gluten-free or vegan. The best part of this pizza has to be the dough, which takes 72 hours to to evolve. Napizza makes fresh, hand-pressed artisan pies. Don’t forget to try their “Happy Belly” combos which vary from different slices of pizza, soups, salads and beers. (Pictured above is the Happy Belly Beer combo…two slices and a beer!) This restaurant is considered a “farm-to-table”, because all of the ingredients are local and fresh. Napizza is absolutely astonishing and because of their great success, they have just opened a new spot in Hillcrest. Check out their menu for all of the facts about this local establishment. If you live nearby, great! Delivery is free to all of their neighbors.


Image Source: Yelp by Courtney O.


2. URBN Coal Fired Pizza

The name says it all, this place is hip, it’s urban, and it’s vigorous, lively and full of fun. URBN calls their pizza’s, “craft pizzas”, because they are made special for their customers they have everything from fresh clam pizza to mashed potato pizza. Try their different pizza bases, also, which are made fresh from scratch, either red or white, scattered with different cheeses. With over 20 different toppings you cannot go wrong here. Spice up your usual pizza style with something new. Create a base, try some different toppings and enjoy! URBN Coal Fired Pizza is a good friend of ours, we partner with them for private events and tours in the North Park area. Don’t forget to check out their exquisite selection of craft cocktails and craft beer. URBN is the ‘new’ place to be.


Image Source: Yelp by: Aizel A.


1. Bronx Pizza


Image Source: Yelp by Dulce R


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