About the Route:

Our Liberty Station Walking Tour Is For Ages 16+.

Ten-hut! It’s time to find your bearings (and enjoy some tasty bites) on one of San Diego’s oldest military bases known as the Naval Training Center (NTC) at Liberty Station. This legendary area, where scenes from Top Gun, Battle Cry, Here Comes the Navy and more were filmed, housed 1,500 to 33,000 troops at a time during pre and post-Cold War.

Although Liberty Station closed its naval operations in 1997, the area was reopened to the public and now flourishes with dozens of restaurants, non-profits, art studios, hotels and schools amid expansive green parks. Take a stroll near the San Diego Bay and hear about the only ship of its kind in existence, the USS Recruit. Marvel at the Spanish Colonial Revival style architecture while learning how the same barracks the military used over 60 years ago are being completely re-purposed today. The Liberty Station walking food tour wouldn’t be complete without a few stops inside the newly opened Liberty Public Market & event venue.

As for the bites, sergeant, Liberty Station & Liberty Public Market is a chow hall to be finely appreciated. Learn all about loose leaf tea from the tea enthusiasts, have a shot (or three) of 100% raw, organic cold-pressed juice, bite into world class artisan cheese, get a taste of ‘excesstasy’ from the 50/50 burger experts, and take a tour of Southern-Italy…with your taste buds!

Strap on your boots and round up the troops for the Bite San Diego Liberty Station walking tour!

Stops include…

• Olala Crepes New! – Enjoy authentic, fresh made crepes with Buckwheat flour shipped from Brittany, France!

• Parana Empanadas Argentina New! – Hot, fresh empanadas with authentic chimichurri sauce! Enjoy this Argentinian classic with a California twist!

• Venissimo Cheese Liberty Public Market – Sample the most traditional to the most unusual flavors of cheese from around the world. (See Kelsey Prince’s review of the Bite Liberty Station walking tour)

• Point Loma Tea – Join the tea experts in an exploration of tea and flavor combinations you never knew existed! (read what local food blogger Lora Says So has to say!)

• Solare Ristorante Italiano – Sample traditional Tuscan Southern Italian dishes of house-made, locally sourced pastas and sauces.

• Slater’s 50/50 – Cheeseburgers and hotdogs piled high with savory sauces, cheeses, and more toppings than you can imagine! Taste their 50% beef, 50% bacon patties on our tour!