Restaurant Spotlight: High Tide Bottle Shop & Kitchen

October 24, 2016Spotlight Review

Do you love pizza? How about beer? How about pizza paired with beer? If that’s the case, you will love High Tide Bottle Shop & Kitchen. Nestled away on Coronado Island, High Tide Bottle Shop & Kitchen is a neighborhood bottle shop with fresh carry-out food. High Tide is loyal to their roots and promises to always remember what makes the neighborhood special

High Tide Bottle Shop & Kitchen began when a group of friends got together and had a common goal; to make something great for the neighborhood. Well, it worked. Now, we couldn’t be happier to call them our friends and have them apart of our Bite Coronado tour.

Image source: Yelp by Jacque G.

Image source: Yelp by Jacque G.

With a very simple mission, High Tide Bottle Shop & Kitchen offers bottles of craft beer to your liking.  There is also wine, liquor, delicious food available for carry-out or delivery. (Yes, even the alcohol gets delivered!) They are committed to their community, customers, staff, food quality and the impact on the environment. If we haven’t convinced you yet, let us say it again, they are the REAL DEAL.

For locals and visitors, High Tide Bottle Shop & Kitchen is very proud of the local community. There is a corner dedicated to locally-inspired and created art, foods, apparel, gifts AND locally made organic coffee and cookies.

Image source: High Tide Bottle Shop & Kitchen

Image source: High Tide Bottle Shop & Kitchen

On top of the huge assortment of craft beer and local art, let us tell you a little bit about their kitchen menu.

You can pick up a starter to share with your friends and enjoy some wings (naked, dry rub or tossed in sauce), garlic parmesan breadsticks, crispy chicken tenders or some cheesy breadsticks. If that’s not your style, try a salad! They’ll toss up anything from a Caesar salad to a Greek salad, a spinach salad, garden salad or antipasto salad.

Now, how about that pizza? Similar to the bottles, the pizza possibilities are endless. The pizza comes in two sizes either a 14” or a 20”. If you enjoy the simple things, try their classic cheese or pepperoni. If you are working on bulking up for the winter, get a taste of the Meat Wave Pizza or Dawn Patrol. If that’s not your cup of tea, don’t worry, there is still The Great White, The Duke, Buffalo Chicken, Margherita, Park Life, Green Flash, High Tide, The Tree Hugger, Bonfire BBQ or create your own! Check out the menu for more details on the pizza options or the calzone, sandwiches, wraps and even dessert.

Image source: Yelp by Lynne W.

Image source: Yelp by
Lynne W.

Last but definitely not least, as we said before, High Tide Bottle Shop & Kitchen is a staple of the community. So for all of you Coronado “Concert in the Park” goers during the summer months, they deliver straight to the park. Coronado Island is a great place to be all year-round. Stop by High Tide on your own to explore this locally favorited establishment or join us on a Bite Coronado tour to get a look for yourself!



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