Restaurant Spotlight: Izakaya PB

June 15, 2016Spotlight Review


Surf’s up in Pacific Beach and you can’t forget about the grub. Pacific Beach is a local favorite in San Diego. As many people call it “PB”, the neighborhood is more of an old charm, tucked away between mission beach and La Jolla. It’s known for its laid back attitude and nightlife or a “college town” dubbed by poet Rose Hartwick Thorpe in 1888.  With that being said, many people step away thinking the younger crowd will be bothersome.

Today, that isn’t the case anymore. Pacific Beach is one of the quickest growing restaurant scenes in San Diego. Surfers have to eat too! We want to focus on a  unique restaurants in Pacific Beach and show you what all the hype is all about: Izakaya PB.

‘Izakaya PB is a modern Japanese pub bringing traditional Japanese style dining with modern culinary ingredients and techniques.’

Image source: Izakaya PB

Image source: Izakaya PB

Japanese Style dining is really awesome because it incorporates tapas, or small plates, which are made for the sole purpose of “family dining”. They are great to share and get a little taste of everything instead of ordering one meal on such a diverse menu. Equipped with each meal is a large selection of sake, cocktails, beer, soft drinks, ice tea and more. Izakaya makes each of their dishes with love and they have no problem telling people. They love sharing their own love for food, family and friends and that’s why we love Izakaya.

Ray and Jun Agishi are the owners of Izakaya and have more than 30 years of working in Southern California’s highest renowned Japanese restaurants.  After all the experience, they took their talents over to Pacific Beach, where they decided to start their own restaurant and incorporate modern culinary techniques and special ingredients to create new and exciting cuisines and a Japanese tapas flare.

Now let’s get down to business: THE MENU.

Izakaya has five parts to their menu… cold dishes, hot dishes, sushi rolls, combinations and ramen. On top of that, they are also equipped with a full bar, sake and impeccable customer service.

If you are into cold dishes or feel like trying something different, this is what you have to choose from:

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.38.23 AMYou can split some edamame, a salad, cucumber sunomono, spicy yellowtail sashimi, spicy bluefish sashimi, salmon carpacco or spicy ahi poke endives.

On to the hot dishes.

Hot dishes include anything from spicy edamame, fried corn on the cob, fried gyoza, octopus fritters, spicy tuna with crispy rice or some spicy tempura Brussell sprouts.

**Don’t forget to ask about the daily specials from the ‘off the menu’ list.**

Image source: Izakaya PB

Image source: Izakaya PB

For all of you sushi lovers, this is where you come into play. Izakaya has 15 different sushi rolls for you to taste.

Kappa, Crunch Avocado, Avocado, Vegetable, Spicy Tuna, Spicy Hamachi, Rainbow, Dragon, California, Crunchy Spicy Tuna, Shrimp Tempura, Salmon Avacado, Unagi Cucumber, Las Vegas or an Izakaya Roll.

Those are just the top choices for sushi, don’t forget to ask your waiter for the whole list and the extras that are included.

Image source: Izakaya PB

Image source: Izakaya PB

Now one of the most popular items on the menu is the Izakaya ramen. The best part is you can create your own! Pick your favorite ramen ingredients and add it to your bowl just how you like it. If you aren’t into creating things yourself and you like it just how it’s supposed to be, don’t worry, you can still get it that way too.

Try the Izakaya best selling ramen, spicy miso ramen, Izakaya Yakisoba, Vegetable ramen, cold ramen or deluxe ramen and thats not all.

Image source: Izakaya PB

Image source: Izakaya PB

There are so many options to choose from here you almost have to eat it tapas style, to get a little taste of everything. Grab a beer or some sake and don’t forget to come in on Sundays for $1.00 oysters until they run out!

If you’re nervous to go in and try for yourself, take a first glance through a Pacific Beach walking food tour, with Bite San Diego, where our tour guide and restaurant staff will ease you in. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to pass up.


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