Restaurant Spotlight: Jonty Jacobs

September 28, 2016Spotlight Review

Jonty Jacobs is a shop that provides us with an all-natural, grass fed, US made and USDA approved cured beef snack. This beef snack utilizes traditional South African methods to bring delicious and natural products to the market. Make sure you don’t call it jerky because it’s BILTONG. What do you know about Jonty Jacobs and their biltong? Let me tell you a little bit more.

Image source: Jonty Jacobs

Image source: Jonty Jacobs

In 2010, Monique Daniels, a South African raised in Australia, landed in New York City. Monique is a meat enthusiast and disappointed in the quality of cured beef products in the United States. That’s when it hit her, she, and her husband Camran, decided to create their own Biltong brand which would bring the best tasting, natural, chemical and preservative free Biltong to the US market. In 2013, the Jonty Jacob’s brand began in New York city. Since then, it has excelled in providing the highest quality dried beef products in the United States and, also, opened up a new location right here in La Jolla!

Biltong is dried meat slices and Droewors are dried sausage. Each of these, are traditional beef delicacies which originated in South Africa. These products are made from fine cuts of beef and rubbed in vinegar and spices before being hung to dry, naturally. This natural dry helps maintain the meats tender and natural flavor. Yum! Biltong is different than “beef jerky” because it does not contain any chemicals or additives. It is also not cured using sodium nitrates which make it better for you. As Jonty Jacobs says, “Biltong is ideal for any gourmet meat enthusiast who’s refined palette appreciates the tender flavors of beef without unnecessary additives”.

Image source: Yelp by Jessie G.

Image source: Yelp by Jessie G.

One cool thing you probably didn’t know is that Jonty Jacob’s biltong is available in two different cuts. There is the traditional cut, which includes the fine layer of fat. This cut helps to keep the meat tender with a natural flavor. If you’re more health conscience, don’t worry, there is a lean cut available just for you! The Droewors (dried sausage) includes a small amount of spice for a delicious kick. Perfect for all of you spice-lovers out there! What kind of spice? Oh, don’t worry. Jonty Jacob’s has a unique biltong spice blend made special just for their products. It’s a secret, though, so don’t ask what in there! 🙂 You can add a lot if you’re looking to be really risky, or just a tiny bit for a nice little kick. Add to your liking.

Now, what are the benefits you ask? Straight from the Jonty Jacobs website, you can read all about the benefits biltong has to offer.

  • Available in grass fed and kosher
  • It’s a Gourmet Beef Snack
  • Its 54% pure protein
  • It’s ideal for a Low Carb Diet
  • It’s good for a High Protein Diet
  • It’s the Healthy Alternative to all other Beef Snacks
  • It’s made in the USA and is USDA approved
  • It’s ideal for Children
  • It’s an ideal food for Diabetics
  • Biltong is a “Clean” food
  • A most nutritious energy snack
  • Requires no refrigeration
  • Has a 3-year shelf life (stock up!)
  • Guaranteed for freshness and quality
Image source: Jonty Jacobs

Image source: Jonty Jacobs

If you don’t live in New York City or La Jolla, don’t worry. The best part about Jonty Jacobs is their ability to always make their customers happy. Jonty Jacob’s has an online shop which can be shipped right to your front door. Forget about those bulk orders of beef jerky, this is your chance to experience the best biltong the United States market has to offer. Lucky for us, it’s right here in our backyard.

If you’re looking to get just a taste of Jonty Jacob’s before you dive in head first, join us on a Bite San Diego La Jolla walking food tour and you’ll be sure to keep coming back to Jonty Jacobs! 🙂


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