Restaurant Spotlight: North Park Beer Co. & Mastiff Sausage Company

October 29, 2016Spotlight Review

As most of us already know San Diego’s Hippest Neighborhood, North Park, is home to a wide selection of breweries, shops, restaurants and eateries. Nestled on the corner of University Ave & Ohio St. lies North Park’s newest brewery-eatery concept, North Park Beer Co. & Mastiff Sausage Company.

With a name that boasts Beer Co. one can only imagine the endless list of drafts, both in house and from guest breweries, of crafted “ales & lagers.” Champion IPA brewer Kelsey McNair takes the helm behind the scenes to create flavors & tastes that separate NPBC from the rest of the craft scene that North Park has become known for.

Photo: Jamey A. Source: Yelp

Photo: Jamey A.
Source: Yelp

Upon entering one of the first signs you notice reads, “Ales & Lagers. Friends & Neighbors.” According to many locals in the area, this is the vibe NPBC strives for. They want an atmosphere, a space that is both warm & friendly and has quality beer that us San Diegans’ love.

north park beer co interior

FUN FACT: The building itself was actually a 1940s-era department store.

The decor & ambiance reaffirm the classic vibe with vintage hanging lights & lamps, rustic furniture, and an open environment that promotes conversation & community. To the right of the entrance you can view the brewing process where more than 3 stills linger giving you a glimpse of the craft at hand.

Your nose will most likely lead you toward the back of the first floor where you will stumble upon the order window at Mastiff Sausage Company. The single, sole food provider & kitchen for NPBC. This is Mastiff Sausages’, technically, 3rd location in San Diego after having made their name out of the ever-popular self titled food truck. Once Mastiff had made a name for themselves, and had a ton of hungry bellies asking for more, they decided to open up their first brick-and-mortar location inside the Liberty Public Market a few shorts months ago. After considering a third location, they decided North Park Beer Co. would be the perfect place to pair their growing menu with a phenomenal list of beer, wine, cider, and craft soda.

At first though you may think “what else could be on this menu besides sausage?” but in true North Park and San Diego fashion, there’s a ton of food options that cater to all types of diets & palates. Take for instance their take on the traditional French Onion Soup pictured below. Ingredients in this masterpiece include: braised oxtail, garlic croutons, and gruyere & manchego cheese. HOLY S!$*!


Photo: Mastiff Sausage Company
Source: Instagram

Some of you omnivores may be wondering, “hey, what can I chow down to?,” and good news is there’s options that are both “healthy” and darn tasty. One of the most popular vegetarian menu items is their Grilled Broccolini topped with chili flake, a sprinkle of lemon juice, grated manchego cheese, with a side of home made roasted almond salsa.

Photo: Mastiff Sausage Company Source: Instagram

Photo: Mastiff Sausage Company
Source: Instagram

We can’t forget to mention the space itself! If you are looking to book an event, gathering, tasting, or anything else that requires a reservation then submit an inquiry to their team. Their capacity fits over 200 guests and they have a beautiful mezzanine area atop the tasting room (photo taken from mezzanine level above).

north park beer co

While North Park Beer Co. & Mastiff Sausage Company are not (yet) a part of the Bite San Diego North Park walking tour, you can still snag your own taste during the week and on the weekends. They’re open & serving 7 days a week!


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