Tour Guide Spotlight: Ashley

August 11, 2016Tour Guide Spotlight

We are so excited to share with you another one of our tour guides, Ashely. Ashley is a stellar individual with a certain spontaneity that makes her perfect for her job! She is the tour guide for Bite San Diego’s North Park and Pacific Beach walking tour.

 Hey Ashley! Where did you grow up? How long?
Ashley: I grew up in Talkeetna, Alaska; a small rural town with less than a thousand year-round residents. No, I didn’t live in an igloo and I couldn’t see Russia from my house, but my mayor was a cat.
BITE: Your mayor was actually a cat? Wow, that is crazy! How can you leave that? What brought you to San Diego or what kept you here?
Ashley: I’m not really sure how I ended up in San Diego, aside from the obvious beautiful weather and close proximity to the ocean. I’ve moved twice, but I can’t seem to stay away. I love how big San Diego is because there are endless adventure opportunities.
BITE: That’s definitely for sure. Sometimes the wind just takes you where you are supposed to be. What do you do when you aren’t being a tour guide for Bite?
Ashley: When I’m not leading tours I’m exploring the city or eating for my food blog @BabesLoveBrunch. My best friends and I haven’t lived here very long so every day we have off is a new adventure. Our last day trip was to San Ysidro where we spent the day searching for the best unnamedtacos and street art.
BITE: That sounds like something we would really enjoy too! What is your favorite part about being a tour guide? 
Ashley:  I love walking around my neighborhood and meeting fellow foodies. Usually, people on the tours are local so I get to learn from them as well.
BITE: That’s the best part, learning from everyone else too! What do you think is the best part about taking guests through different neighborhoods in San Diego?
Ashley: Every tour I think I learn more than the guests. Someone is always telling me about a new restaurant they like or cool beach spot.
BITE: That’s very true, you can never get enough information. Do you cook or like to cook? If so, what is your favorite dish to make?
Ashley: I love to cook! Typically I only cook vegan because it creates a challenge and balances me out after all of the cheese I consume on the weekend. Baked artichokes are my favorite dish right now. You’ll have to come on my tour for the recipe 🙂
BITE: Yum, that sounds DELICIOUS! What is your favorite thing to eat (food or cuisine)? OR where is your favorite place to grab a ‘Bite’?
Ashley: Me and my friends are obsessed with elote right now. I think I ate corn three times in one day recently… Aside from that, I LOVE Miss B’s Coconut Club and OB Noodle House.
BITE: Those are two awesome choices. You’ll have to tell me a little bit more about this elote. If you could be a tour guide anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Ashley: Koh Tao, Thailand surprisingly has a huge array of food options. My favorite Italian restaurant is there and they have a ton of organic juice spots too. It’s also located on a beautiful island that’s famous for diving, which could be influencing my choice.
BITE: I bet there’s some great surf out there too! That sounds incredible. If you had to choose 2 things to eat for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?
Ashley: Breakfast food and Japanese are a must. My family took sushi making classes when I was little so it reminds me of home.
BITE: What a great family activity, can you teach me? If you had a food super power, what would it be and why?
Ashley: Obviously to never gain weight. I think that’s every woman’s dream. As much as I pretend to enjoy the gym I’d rather be at happy hour.
BITE: Haha! I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for answering these questions for us, Ashley!
Don’t forget to join Ashley on a Bite San Diego food tour and get an extra glimpse into her life!


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