This month’s tour guide highlight features Brittany from the Bite San Diego Coronado walking tour. Brittany has been quite the traveler as of late, and you can read all about it and more BELOW!



BITE: So, Brittany, you seem like a local. Did did you grow up in San Diego? And if not, where?
Brittany: I was raised in the almighty land of the Seahawks… Seattle, Washington! It’s beautiful there. So much to do, incredible hikes and beautiful seasons- it’s worth a visit (or two) if you haven’t been there before. I fly home for the holidays and an occasional family surprise visit when I am missin’ it!
BITE: Seattle sounds amazing, but we love our Chargers (at least for now)! What ended up bringing you to America’s Finest City?
Brittany: I moved down to San Diego for college, and earned my BA in Managerial Organizational Communication from Point Loma Nazarene University. I fell in love with the beach-city vibe, the permanent-summer-season weather, the vacation-esce palm tree skyline and of course, the acai bowls. How could I ever leave paradise?
BITE: Right?! How could you leave this place. So, when you aren’t being a tour guide for Bite what are you up to?
Brittany: For the majority of my week, I work at UCSD Extension with international students, and I love it! It is so much fun to be surrounded by various cultures, religions and languages every day. When I am not working, I am exploring San Diego. I love the OB farmers market, running along Sunset Cliffs, and living with my crazy room mates in the Point Loma area. I live with 6 other girls! Can you believe that?
BITE: 6 roommates? We can’t even imagine. Since we know you love to be a guide, what is your favorite part?
Brittany: Meeting people! I value story-telling and learning about the lives of others. The groups I get on my tour are what make my route so much fun. Also, walking around Coronado is an incredible experience. The sites, the shops and the peaceful, small-town energy is so special. I love to drive over the famous Coronado Bridge every weekend when I am on my way to work. I am pretty sure this will be the best office view I’ll ever have in my life!
BITE: You kind of answered this already, but what do you think is the best part about taking guests through different neighborhoods in San Diego? Specifically Coronado?
Brittany: The Coronado route is unique in that our Bite San Diego Guests get to see both the tourist side of the island, by the Ferry landing, as well as the local side of the island, where our tour ends. We pass gorgeous condos, high-end restaurants, cute boutiques and a killer view of downtown San Diego along the way. Every Saturday during my tour, I have either passed by a wedding, or a quinceanera- that shows you how beautiful the area is! There are so many highlights, I could go on and on!
BITE: Sorry, but we have to limit you for now. Save the rest for your guests! Do you consider yourself a cook, or even cook for what it’s worth?
Brittany: I do! Great question. Hands down my favorite dish to make is Moroccan chicken. When it is prepared right, the meat falls right off the bone, and the flavoring is unlike anything else. This dish is one of my favorite take-aways from my time in Morocco. My mom actually bought me a Moroccan cookbook, and a tagine pot so that I can cook this authentically like the talented Moroccan people!
BITE: And why the heck haven’t we gotten a taste yet?!
Brittany: You’ve never asked. Maybe someday I’ll cook a little just for you guys
BITE: Do you have a favorite food or cuisine? OR where is your favorite place to grab a ‘Bite’?
Brittany: I have so many favorites! I love sushi, Con Pane’s fresh bakery and sandwiches, and Cafe Gratitude in downtown San Diego… but above all I must say my favorite cuisine is Thai food. I had the opportunity to study abroad in Thailand in college, and their food has totally messed with me ever since I left because now I crave Thai food constantly!
BITE: If you could choose anywhere in the world to be a tour guide, where would it be and why?
Brittany: My personal ‘bucket list’ goal is to visit every country in the world (so far I’ve made it to 28!) For this reason, I think it would be incredible if I could be a tour guide in Italy. I could spend the weekends catching a train or plane to another European country (since they are all so close!) and then be back on Monday to lead a tour. Also, Italy is famous for their delicious food, wine, romance, and unbelievable history. Could there be a better place to lead a tour? Cinque Terre here I come!

Brittany’s most recent trip to Paris, France.


BITE: Wow, 28 countries? That’s pretty darn impressive. One last question for you, if you had a food super power, what would it be and why?
Brittany: Hmm… I would have a super power that allows me to imagine any food or meal to appear out of no where. Wouldn’t that be nice? It would be great to have the best food available with the snap of my fingers! I think that power would revolutionize cooking and I could become a traveling chef overnight!
BITE: That would so, so nice! Let us know when you create it
That wraps it up for the first Q&A with our well-traveled guide, Brittany, who leads the Coronado walking tour every Saturday. If you’re looking for more info on Coronado, or some of the restaurants we stop at see this PAGE.
Thanks for reading and Happy Chomping, Fellow Foodie!


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